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To improve engine performance, economy, reduce engine wear and increase engine life you should consider a Unifilter Air Filter Replacement Element.

Unifilter uses an open cell foam which is 3-5% product and 95-97% void space. This open cell structure allows air to be pulled through the foam with 40-60% less effort than conventional paper filters. Sticky filter oil, ‘Filter Fix’, which is applied to the filter foam catches all dust particles above 4 or 5 micron. Standard paper filters allow particles of 35 microns or smaller to pass into the motor.

The advantage does not finish there. Unifilter elements are a washable, re-useable element that last, in our experience, approximately 7 years. At that time, you can simply replace the Foam Set onto the original frame and repeat the life.

Watch this video to see how much dust can accumulate in the air box

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How do they work?

UniFilters work on the most basic principal known to man – that is, man’s own air filter – the human nose. UniFilter works on the same principle. We have is a wet/sticky passage that allows the air to flow freely with the fluid catching the airborne particles as they try to find their way to where they do the most damage.

To reproduce the nose passage, UniFilter uses an open cell foam which is 3% to 5% product and 95% to 97% void space. This open cell structure allows air to be pulled through the foam with 40% to 60% less effort than conventional paper cleaners.

Sticky filter oil then comes into play, UniFilters ‘Filter Fix’ filter oil is a heavy weight mineral oil mixed with non drying glue agents. (Mineral oil is used in preference to synthetics as mineral oil will not “dry” or effect the foam cell structure)

This mix of oil is very important for good filtration, it must be liquid enough to travel and meet the dust as it builds up on the surface of the foam, yet thick enough not to drain from the foam in the hot airbox. The formulation of ‘Filter Fix’ has taken many years to perfect, since 1976 there has been several improvements, on each occasion some two years of field testing has occurred prior to acceptance of that formula – the present formula is simply the best on the market.

To compare a UniFilter with a conventional paper air filter element, as mentioned above, less effort is required to draw air through the filter, resulting in a performance increase particularly when it comes to fuel saving – better air flow or what should be stated – less vacuum – results in smoother running and less energy used.

Dust retention wise, a paper filter is in fact a sieve which must have holes large enough to allow air to pass through. That hole size will allow dust particles of 35 to 40 micron to pass – UniFilters sticky oil, ‘Filter Fix’, catches everything above 4 to 5 micron. Given that engine wear is caused by dust particles larger than 15 micron, UniFilter air filters are way out in front when it comes to dust retention and prolonging engine life.

The advantage does not finish there – UniFilter elements are washable and re-useable.

On a dusty trip you can service Unifilter every night, by scraping off the external dust or going further and washing & re-oiling the foam. However this is a bit tedious, just take along an extra outer foam or 2, and change-over as required. Wash when you get home.

With a paper element, all you can do is try to blow it out or bang it so the dust falls out, either way you risk allowing more dust through an imperfect seal.

Otherwise, for less extreme use, Unifilter can be serviced at your normal service interval, just as the paper element can.

Unifilter also have a Snorkel Ram Head Cover, that simply slips over the Snorkel head and acts as an effective Pre-Cleaner. These are great when travelling in convoy, saves getting into the airbox to access a dirty filter.

Comparison with paper air filter elements

Criteria Paper Unifilter Summary
Air flow Fairly restrictive 40-60% less restriction Better economy & performance
Dust retention 35-40 micron 4-5 micron Increased engine life
Cost Aftermarket – cheap Genuine – $ Between $90-$130 Save $ by washing & re-using Unifilter
Life expectancy 10-20000 km 7 Years Cheaper long term
3 Year Unlimited KM Warranty

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