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Turbocharger Kits Overview

The 1HZ Turbocharger Kits for the Landcruiser fitted with the 1HZ engine from LTG 4×4 are an excellent way to gain safe, reliable power & torque for your naturally aspirated 1HZ Landcruiser. 

Our 1HZ Turbo Kits are supplied complete, with an Extensive Kit and Comprehensive Fitting Instructions for the DIYer or Workshop.

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About our Turbo kit

The LTG 4×4 turbo kits for the HZJ75, HZJ78, HZJ79 and HZJ105 Series are based on a modified CT26, the factory turbo for 1HDT and 1HD-FT engines.

The larger diameter billet compressor wheel delivers a greater volume of air than standard. We have proven this turbo compliments the characteristics of the 4.2Li 1HZ engine very well. Combining a fast spool rate with reliable power and substantial torque. 

This will more than satisfy customers looking for better towing capability, highway speed and general 4wding applications. 

The Performance increases throughout the RPM range, but particularly beneficial in the lower RPM, bringing on the power and torque from around 1100rpm, and Torque peaking at 2000rpm – Making it very useable indeed.

Power on demand

The boost is adjustable, by the adjustable rod that connects the wastegate lever to the spring loaded boost actuator. We pre-set the wastegate from 10 to 12 psi. The turbo will produce 20psi, but that is way too much for the 1HZ engine. 10 to 14 psi with larger exhaust & intercooler, will produce a significant amount of extra torque for towing, overtaking on highway, and going up hills.

And this level of boost is well within the limitations of the 1HZ engine.


The larger exhaust and intercooler allow the turbo to create more boost without getting extra fuel, ie, if you don’t have those options fitted, to get the same performance, you would have to inject more fuel than without. And it is the fuel that generates the heat – that creates the exhaust gas expansion – that drives the turbo. Way more than the boost pressure. 

And for engine protection, that is what you want. Greater efficiency, rather than pouring in extra fuel…. producing internal heat.

The inclusion of a big bore exhaust – Australian manufactured, mandrel bent Stainless Steel – bolts to the original Toyota rubber blocks – so no rattles & clunks – does it by allowing the hot exhaust gases to expand more quickly, so driving the turbo faster at a lower engine RPM.


Adding an Intercooler Kit, either Front or Top Mount, will reduce combustion temperatures hence increasing oxygen density – increasing the number of oxygen molecules as the air temperature is reduced.

Cooler, denser air has more oxygen to achieve a more efficient burn of the fuel… or should I say, more of the fuel is burnt under compression, driving the piston, rather than after the valve opens where the continued burning of the fuel doesn’t produce power or torque – wasted!

The 1HZ engine has proven to be a very durable engine, and with the addition of a quality LTG 4×4 turbo package, will give years more service with improved performance.

A dream come true of reliability & torque!

Toyota Coaster 30 Series, 50 Series Turbo Kit – 1990 to 2007
1hz turbo kit with dump pipe parts

The LTG 4x4 Turbo Kit for the 1HZ Landcruiser comes with an Extensive Kit:

  • Water- cooled Turbo with rebuildable oil pressure bearings
  • Internal wastegate
  • New Caste Turbo Manifold
  • Braided stainless steel Oil & Water hoses
  • Quality High Temperature Silicon Hoses
  • Quality Hose Clamps, nuts, bolts, washers
  • All other required fixings and fastners
  • Detailed step by step Fitting Instructions with images
  • 3 Year Unlimited Km Warranty

1HZ Turbo Kit Exhaust Options:

The LTG 4×4 1HZ Turbo Kit for the Landcruiser comes with several Exhaust options.

The 1HZ Turbocharger Kit can come with no exhaust for those that already have an exhaust, with a 3” Dump Pipe or with a Complete 3” Mandrel Bent 304 Stainless Steel System.

The first alternative, the Dump Pipe, bolts to the turbo and finishes with standard a 3 bolt flange. This 3 bolt flange is easier to connect on an existing exhaust, original or aftermarket, as it is a standard size. However, it does not fasten to any exhaust. Some modification is required, but it’s pretty simple.

The next alternative is fit a complete replacement exhaust. LTG 4×4 supply an
Australian manufactured Stainless Steel 3” exhaust, with all nuts bolts, gaskets in the Kit. It mounts to the Toyota original rubber block mounting points. No rattles and clunks!

With the Complete Replacement System, there are 3 muffler options. Straight
through pipe, Medium muffler (most sensible and most common), and a Full muffler for complete noise reduction.  The straight through pipe is quite ‘gnarly’ under load, which appeals to some younger users. The Medium muffler has some noise under load, but doesn’t drone. The full muffler is ultra quiet but does restrict flow to some degree.

1hz top mount intercooler kit

1HZ Turbo Kit Intercooler Options:

Intercooling your 1HZ Turbocharger is important if you are looking to run more than 10 to 12 psi of boost. Or, if you live in a hot arid part of the country or intend to tow or carry heavy loads, then the LTG 4×4 Intercooler Kit is a very worthwhile option.

The Intercooler provides greater engine protection, by reducing the ambient air temperature at induction. This in turn reduces the temperature of combustion, protecting the pistons and head from over temperature.

Top Mount Intercooler Kits are often thought of being not so efficient as a Front Mount Intercooler Kits, due to the radiation of heat from the engine into the intercooler core. The electric fan and bonnet scoop supplied will direct air through the core but instead of the cooling effect actually cooling the intake air, a lot of the cooling effect is lost cooling the Bar and Plate core itself. However, if you have a Bull Bar &/or Winch and Lights etc fitted at the front, you get better cooling efficiency from the Top Mount Intercooler Kit. Unlike a Front Mount Intercooler, the Top Mount Intercooler won’t get clogged with mud or seeds – being so high, and is adjacent to the inlet manifold.

  • Bar and Plate Intercooler Cores
  • TIG Welded Construction
  • Billet CNC machined adaptors
  • Silicon Hoses and clamps
  • Complete DIY Kit
  • DIY Instructions
  • 3 Year Unlimited Km Warranty

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