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Leaf Springs Overview

Original manufacturers leaf springs are well known to have a limited life and perform poorly with a harsh ride during that life. Also known to sag in the rear with less than maximum legal load capacity. LTG4x4 leaf springs provide optimum performance in all conditions.

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LTG 4×4 Multi-leaf springs are manufactured from SUP9 high grade spring steel, have drawn & diamond cut leaf ends to ensure progressive loading, nylon interleaf anti-friction pads to reduce friction and wear at the high load leaf tip, have ‘military wrap’ for extra support of the spring eyes, precision manufactured, heat treated in an electronically controlled furnace, Shot Peened, Scragg & Load tested – all processes aimed to eliminate long term sag and maintain performance.

LTG 4×4 Multi-leaf springs have increased height for ground clearance and increased bump stop distance – hence more time to absorb a bump resulting in an improved ride compared to standard leafs.

LTG 4×4 Parabolic leaf springs are designed for the ultimate ride quality while maintaining excellent load carrying capacity.

They are called parabolic because each leaf has a parabolic shape, thick in the centre near the ubolts, tapering down toward the shackle ends. They have a progressive nature like the Multi-Leafs, but it comes from the tapering, rather than from shortening the length of a number of leafs in the Multi-leaf design. There are very leafs in the Parabolic spring pack, usually less then 3, so there is very little friction between the leafs rubbing on each other, and this lack of friction and the new technology tapering or “parabolic” design results in a high level of ride quality and articulation.
Not available for all models.

Accurately calculate the extra weight of accessories fitted and load when considering what leafs your vehicle needs.


Ride Comfort – Medium Load

Heavy Duty – Constant Load or Occasional Heavy Loads

XHD – for Excessive loads

Consider Air Bags in conjunction with HD leafs for substantive Loads or a GVM Upgrade if loads are going to be Excessive

Remember, HD springs with load will flex & ride like medium springs do with a lesser load, and greaseable shackles and pins will add extra flexibility – help to compensate a tight ride inherent in HD Multi-leafs with minimal load when empty, plus extend the life of the shackle bushes and spring eyes.

5 Year Unlimited KM Warranty

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