100 Series GVM Upgrade Kit

3900kg GVM Fully Engineered for the 100 Series

LTG 4×4 has developed a comprehensive GVM Upgrade Package, fully engineered for the factory turbo (HDJ100 Landcruiser) & V8 (UZJ100 Landcruiser), 1998 to 2007.

The Kit is a combination of Suspension and a Replacement Rear Axle Housing. The axle housing has been converted to Landcruiser fully floating bearings, and in doing so, up rates the housing carrying capacity from 1950kg to 2500kg.

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The new GVM is 3900kg, increased by 640kg above the original 3260kg. The 3900kg GVM Kit is composed of:
  • Replacement Custom change-over Rear Axle Housing, Rated to 2500kg
  • Fully Floating Wheel Bearing Conversion
  • 2 Wheel Bearing kits
  • 2 Oil Proof Hub Seals
  • 2 Chrome Molly Axles
  • 2 Drive Flanges & Gaskets
  • 2 Axle end caps, circlips and snap rings
  • 2 Wheel Bearing Hubs
  • 2 Backing Plates
  • 2 Rear Disc Roster
  • 2 Hand Brake Strut Plates
  • 4 Wheel bearing lock screws
  • 2 Wheel Bearing adjuster lock rings
  • 2 Wheel Bearing Adjusters
  • 2 Change over ABS Sensors & Looms
  • 1 Differential gasket
  • 1 RTV Sealant tube
  • 4 Front and Rear 41mm Foam Cell Shock Absorbers
  • 2 Rear Coils HD 2” Lift
  • 1 Poly-Air Ultimate Rear Airbag Kit
  • 2 Front Torsion Bars HD
  • 1 Front Lower Control Arm Reinforcing Bracket Kit
  • 1 Rear HD Adjustable Panhard Rod
  • 1 Tyre Placard
  • Fitting Guide
  • Direct Bolt in, no modifications required
  • All Differential Locker compatible
3900KG GVM Upgrade Kit for Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series 1998 to 2007, Including Suspension & Replacement Rear Axle Housing
3900KG GVM Upgrade Kit for Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series 1998 to 2007, Including Suspension & Replacement Rear Axle Housing

GVM Discussion

GVM Upgrades are all about Legal Compliance and Safety. Whether you’re a Tradie with a heavy trailer and tools, or you are towing a heavy van or camper, it’s all too easy to breach a modern vehicle’s legal GVM.

Important Terms:

GVM is the Gross Vehicle Mass
ATM is the Aggregate Trailer Mass (this is the sum of the tow ball download and the axle mass)
GTM is the Gross Trailer Mass (the load on the trailer axles)
GCM is the Gross Combined Mass.
BTM is the Braked Towing Mass (the value often quoted by governments and manufacturers)

The GVM is the maximum weight of a vehicle when fully loaded. This includes everything bolted to it and ALL load in it, such as fuel, water, bull bar, tow bar, recovery gear, tray body, canopy, the passengers AND the download of the trailer tow bar.

When considering these issues, note that many manufacturers advertise a particular Braked Towing Mass, commonly 3500kg in recent times. This 3500kg is the vehicle limit. As you add accessories, the less load you can carry, because the accessories are part of your load. As you add accessories and load onto the vehicle, it reduces the weight you can tow, as the CGM is setting a ceiling of the total Gross Combined Mass.

Note that not all vehicles have a GCM.

The GVM can be increased either before or after registration.
The GCM can be increased in some applications.

All vehicles have a legal GVM as part of the vehicle manufacturer’s overall Australian Design Rules (ADR) approval process. If your vehicle exceeds the GVM your registration is invalid, hence your insurance is also invalid. Scary thought – no insurance!

Plus you commit a road traffic offence. If your overload is detected on a trip, the vehicle will have to be made compliant by reducing weight before it can be driven from that point. That may entail:

Unhook the Van and leave it, or take gear out of the vehicle, or both! Highly inconvenient.

With the LTG 4×4 GVM Upgrade Kit for the 100 Series, the GVM is increased from 3260kg to 3900kg while retaining is BTM of 3500kg.

The Conversion to fully floating bearings, with internal strengthening of the axle tubes, uprates the rear axle from 1950kg to a carrying capacity of 2500kg. And this is where most vehicles have non-compliance, in the rear. The combination of fridges, drawers, long range tank, general load and tow ball weight result in most vehicles being overloaded on the rear axle.

So, your total GVM must be under the limit, but so should the axles be under each of their limits. For the 100 Series, Turbo Diesel and V8, the front axle limit is 1630kg, and the rear axle limit is 1950kg.

One alternative to making your 100 Series compliant is to buy a new Landcruiser or one of the large USA utes. When investigating a GVM Upgrade Kit for a new vehicle, investigate what load you can carry on the rear axle. Does the Kit uprate the rear axle capacity? (Note that some kits increase the capacity of the front axle, which is nearly useless!)

The big USA utes have a high Braked Towing Mass of 4500kg (with no load), but not necessarily high carrying capacity. For instance, the new Silverado has a rear axle capacity 200kg LESS than the Landcruiser wagon. So, they can tow a lot, but not necessarily carry a lot.

In the process of fitting the 100 Series GVM Upgrade kit, the Landcruiser fully floating bearings replace the OE semi-floating style. The fully floating bearings require repacking with grease every 40,000kms, but in the LTG 4×4 conversion housing, oil flows into the wheel bearing hubs, lubricating the bearings for the life of the bearings. They never need greasing.

Special hub oil seals are used in place of the standard grease hub seals, to stop the oil leaking into the handbrake mechanism.

A Comprehensive 50+ page Engineering Compliance Report has already been used to achieve Approval in most states and a local state signatory engineer will inspect your vehicle, after fitting, and process your application.

Pleased contact the friendly and knowledgeable LTG 4×4 sales staff for further information on your particular application.

3900KG GVM Upgrade Kit for Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series 1998 to 2007, Including Suspension & Replacement Rear Axle Housing
3900KG GVM Upgrade Kit for Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series 1998 to 2007, Including Suspension & Replacement Rear Axle Housing
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