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Gear Package Overview

Late model 4×4’s have very high gearing in 5th or 6th  gear, to reduce highway RPM – which in turn reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Increasing the tyre size, particularly the diameter, changes the final drive ratio which ‘under-gears’ the vehicle, even more than standard. This negates the fuel efficiency of the factory gear ratios.

It also creates more heat in the transmission due to load and a change of shift points in automatic transmissions.

In addition, it effects the operation of any lockup torque converter.

It’s all out of sync!

Changing the gear ratio to compensate the increase in tyre diameter brings the engine and driveline back into sync, to maximise power, torque and efficiency.

And while it’s apart, why not fit the LTG Electric 4×4 Diff Locker?

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