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The Xtreme Outback Performance Range is a substantial clutch upgrade and is normally used for vehicles with modifications requiring serious performance from the clutch.

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Typical applications for the Extreme Outback Clutch are:

  • Vehicles with heavy towing
  • Vehicles carrying heavy loads
  • Vehicles with Upgraded GVM or GCM ratings
  • Vehicles with Performance Upgrades

Each kit comes with upgraded pressure plate (increased by 25%), upgraded clutch plate (ultra premium organic material), thrust and spigot bearings, shaft alignment tool and any other fixings needed when fitting this level of upgraded clutch.

The ultra premium organic material used in the clutch plate is able to withstand higher loads and heat, which is generated in those vehicles with higher power and higher driveline loads.

Even though the pressure plate has a higher clamping force, the clutch pedal pressure remains close to standard.  For those applications where the increase in clamping force required is so high that the pedal pressure is uncomfortable, an alternative slave cylinder is also included in the kit. This reduces the pedal pressure back to standard or even lighter than standard.

Many late model diesel powered vehicles have what is called a Dual Mass Flywheel. The dual mass flywheel is a 2 piece flywheel, with the 2 parts connected by an internal spring system. The associated clutch plate is not sprung, as they are in Single Mass Flywheel applications. In the dual mass the damping or cushioning is performed by the flywheel, reducing the diesel detonation effect into the transmission. Makes for a quieter more petrol like vehicle.

However, there are 3 issues arising.

  1. When the spring system in the flywheel fails, it often produces loud ‘clunkie’ noises and significant driveline backlash.
  2. The cost of replacement is substantial, and
  3. The dual mass flywheel cannot withstand the extra load that an upgraded clutch like the Extreme Outback can handle.


If a Dual Mass vehicle requires the strength of the Extreme Outback Clutch Kit, then the flywheel can be swapped to a Single Mass Style. The Single Mass or one piece flywheel has a different clutch plate, one with springing. In fact every component is usually different, as it is a Single Mass Conversion, not just a one component change.

So while the Single Mass Flywheel Conversion will have all the strength benefits of the Extreme Outback Upgrade, it will transmit more diesel ‘knock’ into the transmission, particularly at low RPM and idle.

The Extreme Outback Clutch Kits are manufactured by Australian Clutch Services in Adelaide. In the 20+ years I have fitted these clutches I have never had a problem.

The Extreme Outback Heavy Duty range is a good upgrade for those looking for a premium quality, heavy duty clutch kit and a level of performance far superior to original equipment.

Other ranges are manufactured for Race and Competition applications, but these have severe take-up on the pedal and are not suitable for ‘normal’ driving.

3 Year Unlimited KM Warranty

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