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LTG 4×4 Air* locking differentials are ‘tuff as nails’ selectable differential lockers for applications
where 100% reliable off-road traction is required.

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LTG 4×4 Air* diff lockers performs as an open differential when not locked, meaning it has no effect on driveability and the vehicle drives like normal. With the push of a button there is virtually instant locking, and the precision-forged gears lock to provide a 50-50 power split to each wheel. 100% standard to 100% locked in an instant.

Suitable for Front and/or Rear applications.

LTG 4×4 Air* uses the traditional method of compressed air feeding through porting in the 8260 steel carrier, to push a locking gear ring onto the underside of one of the 4320 chrome alloy side gears. This ring locks one side gear to the carrier, the other planetary gears cannot rotate – effectively locking the axle shafts together.

However, the LTG 4×4 Air* diff lock uses a superior 4 lobe o-ring design in the air ring.  These have twice the sealing surface and require less compression to seal – extending the service life. See FAQ for details.

LTG 4×4 Air requires a vehicle mounted compressor, often referred to as an on-board compressor, to supply instant compressed air to the locking differential. Of course, they are “handy as” for a myriad of other purposes, not least of which is tyre inflation, cleaning air filters and other camping uses.  See LTG Single and LTG Twin for details.

The locking mechanisms are tested to the test rig limit of 17,000nm of torque, without failure.

Tuff as nails!

LTG 4×4 Air* differential locker centres replace the existing carrier, no matter if it is an OEM LSD or a standard open carrier. They even replace some OEM Lockers. In effect, the existing ring gear or crown wheel is swapped to the new carrier.

Many applications have new carrier bearings included in the kit. The crown & pinion gear relationship does change and the lash needs to be adjusted to finalise the installation. Comprehensive DIY Instructions are included, but seek professional assistance if you are not sufficiently experienced.

All OE recommended oils for the differential are compatible with LTG 4×4 Air’* diff lockers  as are any additives like Teflon, Nulon, STP etc.

Chevrolet Blazer 1500 Rear Air Locker – 1989 to 1997

Air Diff Locker Features:

  • Positive & reliable
  • Compressed air driven locking mechanism
  • Compatible with existing vehicle mounted compressors
  • Precision-forged gears
  • 4 Pinion design
  • Many kits supplied with Carrier Bearings
  • Superior re-buildable design
  • Push button traction
  • Comprehensive DIY Instructions
  • Incredible 6 Year Warranty

Manually operated diff locks provide superior traction compared to corporate ‘traction control systems’ because those systems require one or more wheels to start spinning – to lose traction – before the computer controlled system activates. This defeats the principle of 4x4ing, to not lose traction in the first place!

In addition, many ‘traction control systems’ are deactivated in Low Range, and with no Limited Slip or Locker fitted, 4×4 capability is limited.

Serious Kit for Serious 4WDers!

LTG 4×4 provides an extensive range of air operated diff lockers, manufactured to the highest standards, tested beyond the limit of 4×4 vehicles – to provide you with the ultimate reliable traction solution.

* Registered Trade Mark of LTG 4×4 Pty Ltd

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Air Locker Frequently Asked Questions

LTG 4×4 Air* diff lock comes with wiring loom and air supply hosing & fittings, so they can be connected to an existing vehicle mounted or onboard compressor. If you don’t have a compressor, then the LTG Single or the LTG Twin can be fitted to provide fast reliable air for the locker and a myriad of other uses.

‘LTG 4×4 Air’* uses a superior o ring design, that has a 4 lobe profile. This profile has twice the seal surface compared to standard o ring styles, and requires less compressive force to enable the seal. This reduced force results in less friction and wear to the o ring, providing superior reliability and extended service life.

The wave spring provides a more stable and durable spring force to the locker gear ring – compared to multiple individual springs, and does not require the locking ring to be drilled.

LTG 4×4 Air* locking differentials have a sliding locking ring which locks one side gear to the carrier. The axles fit into the side gears.  Once one side gear is fixed to the carrier, the other planetary gears cannot move, so the axle shafts are effectively locked together.

LTG 4×4 Air* locking differentials are usually unlocked, so the vehicle drives like normal.

Yes. LTG 4×4 Air* differentials lockers are 100% positive locking, there is no slippage when locked – there is a mechanically solid engagement of one side gear to the carrier via the locking ring. This means that you get 100% of drive and traction to both wheels.

That depends on your ability.
The hemisphere replaces the factory Open, LSD or OE Locker and the ring gear lash does have to be adjusted, so if you are not technically able, a regular workshop, 4×4 workshop or differential specialist is required.
Very Detailed Instructions are supplied.

Expect from 5 to 7 hours for most fittings.

No. Use the recommended oil for the differential.  Differential additives can be used.

No. The ring gear is not changed, but it represents a good opportunity to rebuild the differential or change the ratio to adjust for over size tyres.

Both LTG 4×4 Air* diff lockers are manufactured from high quality components, including 4320 chrome alloy locking ring, side gears and 8260 steel carrier. The locking mechanism is tested to 17,000nm of torque, without failure.


This means the LTG 4×4 Air* diff lock can easily withstand the forces generated from modified engines and over-sized tyres, often found in off-road vehicles.

LTG 4×4 Air* locking differentials have a 6 Year Warranty.

Check for availability for your vehicle model.

LTG 4×4 Air* locking differentials can be fitted to Full Time 4WD vehicles, for On-Road use, Front or Rear, without conversion to Part Time 4WD.

  1. Off-roading is all about Traction. Traction loss most commonly occurs when hill climbing, not hill descending. The steeper the slope the greater the weight transfer from the front to the rear wheels. With more weight pushing the rear wheels into the terrain, providing greater natural traction, the less likely they will break traction first. With less weight, the front wheels break traction first.
  2. Most modern 4×4’s have Independent Front Suspension. IFS vehicles have limited wheel travel so they tend to lift a wheel into the air – results in no engine power to the wheel in the ground – unless it has a locker fitted. Once one front wheel is spinning, all the driving load is transferred onto the rear wheels, and this sudden transfer of load encourages the rear wheels to break traction. Remember, the aim of off-roading is NOT to break traction.
  3. Track surface deterioration – the tree root step-up, the muddy/sandy/shalely section of the track, is encountered by the front wheels first. (assuming you’re going forwards!). So one of the front wheels will lose traction first as they hit this section. If one front wheel spins, the other stops being driven, the load is rapidly transferred to the rear wheels, again, encouraging them to break traction. Share the load across both front wheels with 100% locked, 50/50 split drive with Electric Locker engaged.
  4. There is no change to on-road behavior.
  5. On really slippery surfaces, like snow and mud, the front fitted LTG 4×4 Air* differential lockers will provide positive directional steering, giving control back to the driver, rather than drive coming from the rear trying to spear the vehicle in the straight ahead.
  6. Two LTG 4×4 Air* differential lockers are better than one! Putting any locker into the rear does nothing to stop the front losing traction, it just makes the vehicle a lot better 2×4, better at pushing from the rear. Even if you can only keep one wheel driving at the front, you will probably have three wheels working and spreading the driving load over the greater surface area of all three tyres. 

Yes. The LTG 4×4 Air* diff lock operates in forward & reverse, up & down hill.

Yes, it will effect your steering, to a varying amount depending on the obstacle or surface.

There are situations where steering and handling will change including some understeer and stronger self-centering of the steering.
LTG 4×4 Air* locking differentials  fitted to front and rear can cause inter-axle windup and this can affect steering to a greater extent – stronger self-centering, greater understeer and larger turning circles. 

Incredible 6 Year Warranty
Comprehensive DIY Instructions

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