70 Series Automatic Conversion

70 Series 8 Speed ZF Automatic Conversion

The Landcruiser 70 Series conversion to automatic using the ZF 8 Speed automatic transmission results in less noise, more fuel economy and a significantly improved driver friendly vehicle for ALL license holders.

ZF 8 Speed Automatic Conversion

Gone is the notchy gear shift, the backlash, the hard to handle high revving truck; transformed into an easy drive 4x4 with reduced cabin noise, reduced engine wear with improved fuel economy.

The conversion can be performed on the 79 Series Single or Dual Cab, the 76 Series Wagon or the 78 Series Troopie.

Engine RPM drops to a quiet 1851rpm at 100kph on highway use with 33” tyres. That’s around 600rpm less for pre-Oct 2016 vehicles, and approximately 200rpm less for later models. Increase the tyre size and RPM is even less.

The extra RPM is completely unnecessary, the 4.5Li V8 turbo intercooled engine has loads of power and torque, even for heavy towing, so the extra fuel useage and noise is completely unnecessary.

Those extra RPM make a huge difference to engine life. Driving at 110kms/hr with 285/75/16” tyres, the RPM is 2414 for the H150f gearbox which is fitted to the pre-dpf models. The DPF models have a taller 5th gear, the comparative RPM is 2017.
That would save 1.5 million engine revolutions on a trip to the Kimberley and back.

However the ZF 8 speed automatic conversion reduces the RPM even further, saving approximately 3.4 million revolutions on just the one trip to the Kimberley and back.

The ZF 8 speed auto is fitted from factory to a large number of vehicles worldwide. These include Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Gladiator, RAM 1500, 2500, 3500, Range Rover, Discovery, and many cars like Audi, Bentley, RollS Royce, Jaguar, Maserati, Porsche Cayenne and many many more!

The ZF transmission is rated to 1000nm torque at the crankshaft, so it’s completely compatible for vehicles with power upgrades.

For extreme power upgrades, a stronger upgraded ZF 8HP is available.

Like all modern automatic transmissions, the ZF 8HP used to convert the 70 Series to automatic has its own computerised management system (Transmission Control Unit: TCU), which is fully programable to the application.

Heat is the enemy of every 4x4, especially the transmission, so the huge trans oil cooler and the built-in temperature gauge, means heat won’t be a problem or a surprise. For absolute extreme conditions a larger oil is available.

The ZF 8 speed Conversion uses two billet CNC-machined adaptors, one which mounts to the rear of the engine, the other mounts the transmission to the original 70 Series transfer case.

Inside the cabin, it’s like a factory fit. A custom centre console mounts up to the interior like factory. The TCU display and controls are within easy reach.

And if all of the above doesn’t convince you, consider the ease of driving aspect for drivers with less experience or confidence. Many of today’s drivers are taught, and can only drive, automatic vehicles.

ZF Automatic Conversion Summary

  • 8Spd ZF Auto Trans
  • Heavy Duty Transmission Rated up to 770nm Torque
  • Super Duty Transmission Rated up to 1000nm Torque (Optional)
  • 1669 RPM at 100kms/hr, with 285 x 75 x 16” tyres
  • Customer Shifter & Console
  • Huge Transcooler to reduce heat
  • No Alteration to Chassis
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Results in a Driver Friendly 4×4 suitable for ALL license holders and all skill levels

If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, then contact our Sales Team to discuss before ordering. LTG 4×4 can not only perform the ZF Auto Conversion, we can provide a complete accessory fit-out. Even a 6×6 Conversion!

LTG 4×4 could possibly arrange the purchase of your vehicle, complete the fit-out and arrange freight to you or you fly to SA for a short holiday and drive your new baby home. What a bonus!

If you have an existing vehicle and wish to have the ZF Auto Conversion performed in SA please enquire below.

See from the table below the ZF 8 speed auto has a lower first gear and a taller overdrive gear than the standard 5 speed gearbox.

Post DPF
5 Spd Manual4.5292.2941.491.10.880.75   
ZF 8HP4.693.132.11.671.
Note: The significant reduction in engine RPM between the ZF 8 Speed and the early/late factory 5 Speed manuals.
RPM @100 km/hr with 35″    20501745  1559
RPM @110 km/hr with 35″    22551920  1715
RPM @150 km/hr with 35″    30762618  2339
RPM @100 km/hr with 33″    21751851  1654
RPM @110 km/hr with 33″    23922036  1819
RPM @150 km/hr with 33″    32622777  2481
RPM @100 km/hr with 31″    23151971  1761
RPM @110 km/hr with 31″    25462168  1937
RPM @150 km/hr with 31″    34722956  2641

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