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6×6 vehicles, when configured with high GVM’s, have significant advantages in the delivery of payload and off-road capability compared with traditional 4×4 vehicles. LTG 4×4 can modify a wide range of models to 6×6, in some applications more than doubling the GVM while providing even greater off-road capability than the original 4×4 vehicle. The 6×6 Converted vehicle also has greater on-road stability and handling, hence safety, suffers no loss of highway speed, and has a more comfortable ride than the original vehicle.

All models come as a complete GVM upgrade 6×6 package – meaning all brakes, suspension, axles, driveline etc are fit for purpose and are fully compliant to a Federally Approved Compliance Standard.

  • All models are supported by a comprehensive Warranty.
  • All models have a straight forward inexpensive servicing regime.
  • All models are constructed and supported from Adelaide with 33 years of experience in 4×4 repairs, maintenance accessory fitting.

Depending on GVM and chassis configuration, the LTG converted 6×6 vehicle could fulfill a range of roles within many organisations or for private use:

  • Slide or On-Chassis Camper Conversions
  • Statutory Agencies like CFS, National Parks, Forestry
  • Mining & Exploration Companies
  • Earthmoving, Pipe Laying, Water Tanker roles

6×6 Conversions are available for 70 & 200 Series Landcruiser, Hilux, DMax, Ranger, BT50, NP300 and other models.

Currently the most common 6×6 configuration is the Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Single or Dual Cab in 6080kg GVM, with a 1000mm chassis extension. The Landcruiser configuration results in a Payload of approximately 3000kg and a 2950mm long tray. Depending on wheel base and chassis extension, the maximum tray length can be up to 4200mm.

Tray height is approximately 900mm from the ground.

The Toyota Landcruiser70 Series LTG 6×6 has GVM options of:

  • 7500kg (4500kg Payload),
  • 6340kg (3340kg Payload),
  • 6080kg (3000kg Payload) or
  • 4495kg (1500kg Payload). Suitable for ‘CAR’ licence holders.

All variants can be configured in 5 speed manual or further upgrade to 6 speed automatic.

The multitude of configurations, allows end users to custom design vehicles best suited to their particular terrain and application.

LTG 4×4 has developed an Appliance Configuration Matrix that can be used to determine the optimal configuration for the desired application. Please contact LTG 4×4 to discuss your requirements.

The 2 rear axles are connected by Suspension and Driveline.


The fundamental feature of the design is the pivoting 50:50 load share beam, pivoting centrally from the chassis between the 2 rear wheels, supported by coil springs (or airbags) in each of the 4 corners.

Upper ‘A’ arms with ball joint pivot allow movement not only from front to rear, but also side to side, allowing each axle to walk over an obstacle while the others remain on the ground, increasing stability and traction.

The coil option has 400mm articulation, air bags allow upto 550mm.

The axles are held in position front to rear with 4 control arms.

There are no sideways mounting panhard rods, the upper ’A’ arms provide sideways positioning.

There are no axle straps limiting axle movement/articulation.

Another benefit of this design is that cornering is enhanced, providing exceptional on-road stability, manoeuvrability and less axle scrub than other systems.

This is achieved by a ‘bogie axle roll steer’.

As you enter into corners, the compression and extension of the coil springs force the front-rear control arms to move – and each moves in an arc.

The net result is the 2 axles are assisting in steer, rather than opposing each other as in other 6×6 or lazy axle systems. This increases loaded and unloaded stability immensely.

What are the results?

The suspension design provides excellent all-road ride quality, with more absorption of bumps than the original 4×4 suspension system. The ride quality continues to improve as payload increases.

The suspension will drop 65mm to be level front to rear at GVM.

There is only one tail-shaft from the transfer case driving the rear axles. (no vibrating second shaft from a transfer case PTO).

The shaft drives the first differential, through a patented combination ‘drive-through differential and power divider’, which is coupled to a short tail shaft providing power to the rearmost differential.

The forward differential is a custom build, using Ford 9.5” or 10” high quality gear sets, with 35mm splined pinion flange and 31 spline axle flanges, mounted into a custom manufactured housing.

This differential also uses an ARB Air Locker.

The rearmost differential is the original in a custom housing.

Both rear axles are ‘in-track’ with each other and the front.

There is minimal extra maintenance required with general use. The most important item is to replace the drive-through differential oil as often as the engine oil.

Otherwise maintenance will be commensurate with use of the vehicle.

Rims and tyres will need to be compatible with the GVM, with appropriate load carrying and speed ratings to meet approvals. Maximum tyre size is 35”.

Suitable trays and tool boxes will need to be added before registration of new vehicles.

The end result of the 6×6 conversion is a highway friendly high capacity vehicle with outstanding off-road capability while carrying substantial loads, comfortable on all road surfaces at all loads, with minimal extra maintenance and fuel consumption, fully compliant at all GVM/GCM combinations.


If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, then contact our Sales Team to discuss before ordering.

LTG 4×4 can not only perform the 6×6 Conversion, we can provide a complete accessory fit-out!

LTG 4×4 can arrange the purchase of your new vehicle, at competitive rates, complete the fit-out and arrange freight to you or you fly to SA for a short holiday and drive your new baby home. What a bonus!

If you have an existing vehicle and wish to have the 6×6 Conversion performed in SA, get in touch today!

To arrange a fitting, either local, interstate or international, please contact our Sales Team.


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